Monday, February 22, 2010

Books and Cookbooks

I spend some of my online time on livejournal where there are some awesome vegan communities.  Often people will ask what books are good sources for their specific needs.  So here is a working list of books that I've found particularly inspiring or just plain amazing.

Skinny Bitch- I hesitated putting this book at the top of my list, but as far as not eating animals goes- this is the most entertaining yet fact based book there is about the crazy crap the meat and dairy industries are doing.  Rory and Kim take a weight-loss angle to veganism.   To some their writing could be seen as offensive, but if you'd like to know more about why people go vegan, this is the quickest, funniest, and cheapest book out there.

Eating for Beauty-  This is my favorite raw foods book out there.  David Wolfe makes the connection that consuming living foods will beautify you from the inside out.

Green for Life-  My hope is that one day green smoothies will be as abundant as Coca Cola.  Check this book out to find out the research behind green smoothie consumption.

The Body Ecology Diet- This is not a raw or even vegan book, but a lifestyle diet that advocates for fermented foods, seaweed, a low sugar diet, and grains like quinoa and millet.

The China Study-  Want solid facts to beef up your arguements when coworkers, friends, or family question your decision to not include animals in your diet?  This scientific study is full of reasons to go meatless!

The Revolution Will Not Be Microwaved-  This is not a vegan or raw foods book either, but a book advocating local and wild foods.  It touches on most issues that were included in Food Inc.

The books above have a few recipes included, but are more informational.
I will make a recipe book post later, but here are my top three recipe books at the moment...

Babycakes- The vegan, gluten-free NYC bakery has its own cookbook!

I Am Grateful- Raw recipes from San Francisco's Cafe Gratitude.

The Voluptuous Vegan- Hearty recipes that taste good!

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