Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Indian Market

I have a secret love for Indian food.  I make curries and rice all of the time.  I'm also lucky enough to live in a town with an amazing Indian restaurant that is like three restaurants in one- with a full Northern Indian menu, a full Southern Indian menu, and an Indo-Chinese menu.  Dakshin is the name of the restaurant- if you ever find yourself in Louisville and need a tasty snack, or a crazy large meal.  (Make sure you try a dosai, its an awesome GF snack!)  
Indian markets are full of unique foods that are usually vegan friendly.  I'm buying a lot of spices from the Indian market now- mostly because they come in large bags, are rich in taste, and so much more inexpensive than spices anywhere else.  Indian markets are also a great place to stock up on rice or lentils and produce.  The price on garlic, ginger, peppers, and coconuts can't be beat. Here is a photo of my most recent visit to the Indian market.  Cumin, young thai coconuts, and saffron ($6.99 for a box that could have cost me $20+ elsewhere)!

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